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Iron enters the water supply from a variety of sources — the soil around private wells, corrosion in pipes and organically occurring reactions with elements in the water. These iron problems exist in many different forms, and knowing what kind of problem you have is essential to properly treating it.
If your water comes out of the faucet clear, but turns red or brown after standing, you have ferrous iron — also known as “clear-water” iron. If your water is red or yellow when first drawn, you have ferric iron — also known as “red- water” iron. Organic iron is usually yellow or brown, but may be colorless.
Common high iron water problems include:
  • Red-brown stains on your fixtures, sinks and tubs
  • Rust stains or residue on laundry
  • Yellow, brown, red or orange-colored water that has a metallic taste
  • Certain foods prepared in water turning black, like potatoes and teas
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High iron water solutions
Iron problems take on many different forms, and Culligan has a custom solution for every kind of water worry. Solutions for high iron water include:
Water Softeners
Whole Home Water Filters

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